Monday, November 28, 2016

The Best Birthday Gift

We have a lot of good investigators we've found and are working with...but unfortunately a lot of them are leaving this week to go to New Zealand for Christmas and won't be back until January. So that's kinda a bummer...but we're praying to find new investigators and that our other ones will keep progressing! 

We got to sleepover one night in Atata and get a lot of work done there. I love that little island and I'm excited to see it progress. There are only 3 member families there and it's not even a branch yet...but we're working so that it can become a branch! 

Last week, we started talking to this girl walking by and asked where she lived and she told us that missionaries had gone to their house before. We went to her house and set up an appointment with the mom and came back the next day. She shared about how important her family is to her and so we talked about families and then the conversation lead to the Gospel and we taught lesson 3. She was listening but I could tell she didn't really want to listen. But her daughter (Ma'u-14 years old) was sitting next to her and was very attentive. We invited them to be baptized. I could tell the daughter wanted to say yes but was waiting for her mom. The mom said she has to think about it. We talked a little more and asked about my companion's family joining the church. They talked for a little. She told us that it was her daughter's after the lesson we sang Happy Birthday. I just felt so happy in my heart because I know that there is NO better present we could have given her on her birthday than to share the precious knowledge we have of the Gospel. 
We had a musical fireside last night that a few of our investigators showed up to, including Ma'u! I was so happy to see her there. Her mom is going to New Zealand this week, but we're going to go and keep sharing the lessons with her. I love this gospel so much.

The weather has started to get really hotttt, struggle be real in the uniform but I know that because of this I will never complain again in my life about needing to dress modestly and it being too hot or something...haha

I know I thought of so many other things to share but the time's almost up and I can't remember anything...haha I love this work so much! I truly find so much joy. We're working to find those that the Lord has prepared because I know that the field is white already to harvest. I'm so blessed to be able to spread this Gospel.

Thanks for your examples and love and support. 
Ofa Lahi Atu,
Sister Reid

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