Monday, November 7, 2016

The Miracles come after the Faith

We have been working so hard this past transfer to see baptisms but it seemed like everything was working against us. Our ward missionary leader and bishop are traveling overseas and it's been a little difficult working with the members. But I knew that when we give it our all and be exactly obedient that miracles come...sometimes not when we want them to, but the come. And they came. This past week we went to a follow-up meeting for trainers/trainees and at one point President was asking about our baptisms. He asked several missionaries and I just felt my stomach turn. We've been doing everything we possibly can and I just didn't know why we weren't seeing the fruits of baptism. I feel like I'm so much better of a missionary than I've been my whole mission but at other times on my mission it was easier for us to get baptisms. We returned from the meeting and I had such a greater determination to find people to baptize. 

We were knocking doors with a member and we met this old man. He was making food on the side of his house and we started talking to him. His name is Misieli. He's Wesleyan but he has a lot of family who is Mormon and he used to be good friends with the missionaries when he lived in Ha'apai. We asked him if there was anything he knew about the church and he told us that the Mormon church is the only church that can actually change someone and that the members have Christ-like attributes. He said that his church tries to change people but it doesn't work. I asked him if he would like to get those attributes, change his life etc. He said he would. Then we shared a short summary of lesson 3 (still standing) and we focused on the importance of baptism and then after talking for only 5-7 minutes I committed him to be baptized on the 26th of this month. He said he really wants to try to be baptized that day. He's really open minded and has a lot of faith. He just started reading the Book of Mormon. 
Then two more miracles--we set a baptism date with Foaki our investigator and we found a house of 3 young adults that we committed to be baptized next month if they receive a testimony that our message is true and they agreed. 
Then on Sunday we were finally able to have a meeting with all of the leaders in our wards and the ward mission leader bore his testimony in sacrament about the work and a lot of the other members did to. 
We are finally seeing the fruits of our labors and it's amazing! It's a little sad that the Elders will be taking over the area next week but I know that it's just been a test of our faith and God has other plans for us! 

We went on splits a lot these past couple weeks and it was so fun...I love the sisters in the mission!

Funny thing: so if you leave food out, most the time ants get to it. So we left some bongo (like Cheetos) in our car and when we got back in the car we started eating them (not paying attention) and then I looked down after I'd eaten about five and realized that we'd been eating a bunch of dead ants on the bongo hahaha glad I got some extra protein.  

Love you all so much!!! Pray you all have a fantastic week!
Sister Reid

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