Monday, February 29, 2016

Sorry, This is a Quick One

Sorry my email is going to be super short this week. It took us forever to get the key to the church but just want you to know I'm alive!

Couple Highlights:
-We went on vilo hoa (splits) with the sisters in Ha'atu'a (they're the STLs now) and I got to go with Sister Vaa'i which was fun being back with her!
-I got a minor case of the measles (weird huh?) and red spots appeared all over my body and were kinda itchy after I'd shower but apparently like half of the missionaries got it. But it didn't keep me from working :)
- I've been working hard on learning where the members live and names and streets, etc. Let's just say there's a lot to learn and remember as a missionary! But it's coming along :)
-We have two investigators that will probably get baptized this Saturday (they might go to Tonga so that's why it's a maybe) but they're brother and sister (Malia and Kepu) in high school and they're
so cute and so ready!!

There is every reason in the world to wake up smiling because of the precious truths we know. No matter what happens at least we know there is our Father in Heaven who loves us and He has a plan for us--everything will be made right in the end:)

Sister Reid

Question: Why is it important that there is a prophet on the Earth to
guide the church?

Monday, February 22, 2016

Feilaulau (Sacrifice)

Wellll, this week was kinda crazy because I FELT MY FIRST EARTHQUAKE! haha it happened at like 4am Tuesday Morning and it woke me up cause the bed was shaking. It was pretty short and nothing fell over or anything so it was kind of cool! And there was also a cyclone that night so it rained a lot and the wind was strong but thankfully it passed our island before it got hit Vava'u (the outer island of Tonga) and there's some destruction there but it moved on to Fiji and was pretty bad. Welcome to Cyclone season...haha but nothing to worry about, all is welll :)

So one night while we were planning this week, my companion and I were talking about our teachings that day and I expressed to her how I feel inadequate at times and I want to become a better teacher and gain more skills so I can explain things more clearly, etc. and allow the Spirit (the REAL teacher) to better touch the heart of our investigators, but I know it will come in time and I just need to trust the Lord and the Spirit. My companion looked at me and said, "Sister Reid, if you truly want to be a great teacher you need to sacrifice more". It surprised me at first a little because of how blunt she was and for a second I felt a little bugged and thought,"I've sacrificed so much. I'm giving everything to the Lord. It's just hard sometimes, but I'm doing my best" But then right after that, that thought left, and I just felt this feeling of peace and love, and I realized that what she said was a message from God to me. There is some pride that I hang on to sometimes and hadn't recognized some of that pride had come back, and God has been trying to tell me to let it go...but I maybe haven't been listening as well as I should. It was God telling me, through my companion, what is holding me back from truly becoming the missionary and instrument in God's hands I'm capable of becoming. 

Are we willing to put all our pride, ambition, and will on the alter of sacrifice before God and trust him? My question this week is a self-reflection question: What do I need to give up and let go to become the person God envisions me becoming? 

I love reading the Book of Mormon in Tongan! It's beautiful and simple. I read about the Anti-Lehi-Nephi's this past week and how they buried their weapons of war and entered into a covenant with God, and they never broke that covenant even though many of them died. What are we willing to sacrifice?

Today, my companion taught me how to laundry with a pole in a bucket and then "nusi" the clothes to make them perfectly clean (the washing machine of the house we're at broke...but the spinner still worked, to dry the clothes mostly, so that was good). It took forever, but it's a good skill to have! haha 

Love you all!!!! Have a great week and remember to smile :)
Sister Reid

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

TRANSFERS aaaaand.....

Guess what?! I GOT TRANSFERED! I'm still in 'Eua but I got transferred to two villages over to Pangai. My new companion is Sister Langi and she is so sweet (Sister Vaa'i stayed in Ha'atu'a and my MTC companion, Sister Medina is now her companion!) Sister Langi is from Tonga and she finishes her mission at the end of this there'll be another change of some sort next transfer. She speaks pretty good English but we're trying to just speak in's hard but I'm SO grateful, it's helped me a lot already! She's a really hard worker and so kind! The Tongan sisters are very particular about the uniform and it's so great because she irons my uniform every morning and braids my hair perfectly and she's taught me how to hang up the clothes on the clothes line properly. It's soo great! I learn so much from her everyday.

Our area is MUCH bigger than my last area and doesn't have very many members..most of the people here are hard core Catholic. It's been good because we actually have some solid baptisms coming up and investigators! The Bishop yesterday in church announced that the Stake President said everyone needs to watch out for the new sister missionary in the ward from muli (outside of Tonga) and keep her safe (me). Tonga is a really safe place in general but compared to Ha'atu'a (safest place in the world haha), Pangai is a little sketch. They're all very concerned for the sister missionaries here, especially for the Palangi sisters and it's so good to know that there are people who are looking out for me. There is also a piano here in the church which is cool. We showed up to church early so I could play some prelude which was fun!

I'm grateful for this opportunity. It's seriously the hardest thing I've EVER done. But I love it so much. Love this work!

Love you all so much <3 HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!!

-Sister Reid

Monday, February 8, 2016

Koji, a Buddhist Monk

This week we went to Tonga for Mission Leadership Conference and it was so amazing! We all had to role play a different lesson using questions...and it was straight death haha but I learned so much!! I'm so grateful for my mission president and for him pushing us to be our best, I know he loves us! Also...we got to stay in a little house with Air Conditioning in Tonga and it was AMAZING!

Yesterday, a Buddhist Monk from Japan came to our ward and he only knows Japanese and a decent amount of English (wishing I was Emily Kenney and could speak to him in Japanese;), so during second hour we talked to him and he couldn't understand everything we were saying but he asked about the pictures of the prophet and apostles on the wall and he was so surprised that they are still alive! There was a stake fireside last night so we invited him to it and he was so excited! So he came even though it was in Tongan. They had me and another Elder speak (without much that was a little scary...but thankfully the Spirit helps!) and I was able to end my testimony in English for him. Afterwards, a member from the Stake Presidency got up and told us that Koji (the Japanese man) is the most important man in the room and told a RM from the states to go sit by him so he could understand what's going on. He leaves tomorrow but we're going to give him a Japanese Book of Mormon and he said he'll look up the church website!

Today is transfers. We'll find out tonight what will happen. Sister Vaa'i finishes next transfer so we'll probably just stay but who knows! Let you know next week :)

Ofa Atu!
Sister Reid

Question: Who is God? How would you describe God to someone who doesn't believe in God, and to someone who does but not in the way we do? (He has a body, His plan for us, the Godhead are 3 separate beings, etc.) Find scriptures, questions you could ask them, and write down how you could explain it clearly to someone!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Oku ou kamata ke sino (I am starting to get fat)

In Tonga it's totally normal to talk about people's weight. I think I've been told over 4 times this week that I'm starting to look fat. hahaha I don't think I've gained too much weight but I think my face is getting a little wider haha. It's so funny, they say that I don't eat enough and I need to get fat! But luckily since I'm a girl from America they don't push too hard when I say I'm full..but I eat enough for them not to be offended. It's hilarious! 

There's this saying on the Ward Mission Leaders wall that I love! It says:

I'm too Blessed to be Stressed,
too Anointed to be Disappointed.

I refuse to be discouraged, 
to be sad or cry.
I refuse to be downhearted
and here's the reason why:

I have a God who is almighty,
who is sovereign and supreme. 
I have a God who loves me 
and I am on His team.
I refuse to be defeated!
My eyes are on my God!
He has promised to be with me 
as through this life I trod.

I love this so much. God is with us always and we have every reason in the world to rejoice because of that! Don't let Satan get you down.

This week we're going to Tongatapu again for MLC and I'm super excited! I'll let you know how it goes. Love you all so much!

Sister Reid

Question for the week: I feel my church is right and it has blessed my life, why would God tell me now to change the church I go to?