Monday, November 28, 2016


Thanks for all of the Happy Thanksgiving wishes cause honestly, I didn't even know it was this week! haha 

We had transfers this past week and me and my companion are staying together and working in SOPU (where we've been living, but we just switched areas with the Elders). It's been fun starting out the work here. I have such great hope and faith for this area and know we're going to see lots of miracles. 
We cover a little island that is a 20 minute boat ride away from our area called Atata. We got to go there are Friday with the sisters in Liahona and it was sooo much fun. There are not very many people there (look it up on google maps!) So many little miralces that we were able to see there. It was cool because one of my investigators from Ha'ateiho moved there and I got to meet her again! I'm excited to keep you updated about the island. The church just got allowed into there and it's not even a branch yet..but I know it will be soon :) 

It's nice that we'll still be in the same stake as our old area cause some of our investigators that are going to get baptized we'll be able to go to their baptism! Also, two of my investigators from Ha'ateiho got baptized two weeks ago and I was SO happy to hear that! 

I've been thinking a lot about sacrifice this past week. Nothing great ever comes without hard work and sacrifice. Sometimes I wish I could just wade on the water...but life wasn't meant for that. Our time in this life is so short compared to eternity. It is an OPPORTUNITY and a BLESSING and we need to make the most of it. We've been blessed with adversity to learn and grow and develop Godly attributes so we can BECOME like our Heavenly Parents. Isn't that wonderful? We must use our time wisely, sacrifice our will, talents, time, etc. because all we do here effects our eternity. If you died tomorrow and stood at the Final Judgement how would you feel? (Alma 5: 26-28) How have you used this precious time God has given you on Earth? We shouted for Joy at the opportunity to come here. Remember that. We are all brothers and sisters. And God loves each of us. I hope and pray you will find peace and joy in the little things :) Trust the Lord. Through Him, we find TRUE peace and joy. 

Ofa Lahi Atu!!! 
Sister Reid

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