Monday, September 5, 2016

Lau, Fakalaulauloto, Lotu --it's simple

So this week was great, we got to teach Taniela several times and he came to church and reset his baptism date to the 24th. He still has tons of questions but he always ends up telling us that he believes and knows he'll receive a stronger testimony by the date he is baptized.

We taught Lipina (16 yrs old) this week (she's gone to church for months, lives at the house of a member, and has been taught by missionaries but hasn't really had a big desire to be baptized.) We've talked with her a couple times but this past week we decided to go back to the Book of Mormon. She couldn't really remember what the Book of Mormon was so after explaining it, we challenged her to read Moroni 10:3-5, think about it, and then pray to Heavenly Father to know if what we are sharing with her is true. We talked about the Spirit a little and then told her we'd come back the next day to check. She's a shy girl and doesn't really like to share a lot but the next day when we went back, she pulled out her Book of Mormon, explained what she learned from the scripture and then shared that when she prayed she felt happy and that she believed what we were sharing was true. My eyes were wet and my heart was full. It's simple. When we pray with faith, God answers. Not always in the timing we expect, but He answer. She's preparing to be baptized on her birthday later this month! 

-we had fleas in our house and car so I've been pretty itchy but they came and sprayed this week so it's better haha
-we went on vilo hoa (splits) with the sisters in Vaini and it was great! (My companions and I are in the ones in the middle in the picture) 
-my companions are doing well and I love them so much!

Love you all!
Sister Reid

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