Monday, September 26, 2016

Choose to Believe

So, Lipina's baptism was wonderful! And guess who happened to be at our church watching their son play volleyball? President and Sister Tuione, so they came upstairs to see it. It was a sweet experience having them there. Lipina sang, and she has a beautiful voice! 

So our Bishop's daughter's boyfriend is a nonmember and we started teaching him several weeks ago and he's getting baptized this Saturday. His name is Sitiveni and he has a really big heart and good desire. He's had a hard time recognizing his answer to know if it's all true, but he's solid and really wants to be baptized. I'm excited because our Veitongo ward has been struggling and we're finally getting a baptism!

We have a lot of other investigators we're working with and we've been SO blessed, I don't have time to talk about them all right now but God's tender mercies are real! 

Someone asked me this week: Thinking about all the different beliefs and opinions in the world, you've chosen to believe this Gospel. Why do you choose to believe?
As I've thought about this question..a lot of thoughts have come to my mind. It makes sense to me. To be honest I can't imagine life without it. If it turned out that none of this was true and there was no life after this, I wouldn't regret the way I've lived my life and believed with all my heart because of the person I have become from it.
I don't have a perfect knowledge and someday it's harder than others, but it's when you CHOOSE to believe by each choice you make every single day that you feel great peace and light in your life, and you realize how can so much peace and joy come from something not true?
It's once you choose to believe, and act on that belief, that your FAITH increases, your desires are different, and your heart changes. And that's why I choose to believe. 

Wish you all the best week! Keep shining the light of Christ to all you interact with!
Ofa Lahi Atu!
Sister Reid

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