Monday, August 29, 2016

A Year of Miracles

This week was wonderful. Sister Malu left on Monday night and Sisters were in and out of my MQ (missionary quarters) until Thursday when we got our new companions. On Tuesday night there were 5 of us there which was a lot of fun and I got help in my area so that was also a plus :) So yeah, I said new companionS cause I got two haha. There were so many sistesr in the new intake that I'm training two at the same time--Sister Aluesi and Sister Mafuataimi. They're both from Tonga (one from Vava'u) and both prepared very well before the mission. It's different being with Tongan companions but it's gonna be a great experience, I know. Sister Mafuataimi is actually "tali visa" meaning that she's supposed to go to the Philippines but her visa didn't come so although she hasn't gone to the MTC yet, she'll be working in Misiona Tonga until her visa comes--which could take up to 6 months. 

So their first full day out in the mission field was my one year mark. We worked hard and talked to a lot of people. They have a lot of energy to do the work and I love it! It's been a cool thing reflecting on this past year of my mission. Little did that sister missionary know, one year ago, when she was walking into the MTC what in the world was ahead of her. How grateful I am for her faith, for taking that step into the dark, and moving forward even when things were difficult. Looking back I am SO incredibly grateful for the humbling experiences I have had. My heart has changed so much. I have so much further to go, but I feel such a greater joy and peace in my life than I've ever had before. How important it is to walk forward with faith, do things we don't always want to do, and give ourselves for the one who has given everything to us. I am so thankful to my Father in Heaven for the opportunity He has blessed me with. I know this is His work and I am simply an instrument. Fakafeta'i ki he Otua. 

Hope you all have a wonderful week!
Ofa Lahi Atu!
Sister Reid 

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