Monday, August 8, 2016

Happy Birthday to Misiona Tonga and Myself :)

This week started out wonderful, we decided to set up some missionary family plans with some of the members on Monday night. One of them was the Relief Society president and their family. When we got there, they had an investigator there (Lipina) and the whole family was sitting neatly on the couch. The husband shared about their family and how they were happy we were there and how their family has a lot of problems (shared some background) and then said we'd start with a song a prayer and then turn the time over to us. I got a distinct feeling that we needed to share with them the Gospel of Jesus Christ (lesson 3) rather than going with our normal "family plan" set up. It was beautiful. We committed the Lipina to baptism (she's been taught most the lessons and was just waiting to get permission from her parents and has gone to church for months, but now it's her decision and she really wants to get baptized next month on her birthday, I think she's already ready haha but we'll see what happens). And then when we were talking about "Endure to the End" and the mom raised her hand and shared that we were an answer to her prayer. There's a lot of family problems and she wanted to give up. But the spirit just told her that she needs to hold on and "endure to the end" as she continued to share the kids were crying, her one boy holding his head in his hands, and it was evident that this family needed some healing. She expressed that they had started out reading the scriptures and such at the beginning of the year but they hadn't for a while and she new that's why the problems were seeming unconquerable. It's the little things every day that counts. The husband said that they needed someone to intervene and remind them of what is of most importance. God sends people to intervene in our lives sometimes. He looked at us and said, I want you to come back a year from now and when you sit in my family you're going to see something different, we're going to get back and start doing the simple things. It was evident that they had taught their kids and were a good family, but they'd lost focus. Satan is attacking all families and we must protect them by doing what's most important.

This week MISIONA TONGA is celebrating it's 100 YEARS! Most of the mission presidents from the past have returned and there are a lot of visitors and returned missionaries! They're doing huge celebrations and festivities. We'll get to march tomorrow but that's the only thing we get to be involved with. But go online and see if you can see anything about it!
We did a service project this past week at the hospital (picked up trash and painted the fence) and Sister Malu and I got interviewed on TV. haha they said it was broadcast to America but I don't know if I believe that...but it was cool. 

On my birthday, we went to our three wards..and it was the best because we had a baptism on Friday (Fe'ao, we started teaching him a couple months ago and then he wanted to be taught by the Elders so they finished the lessons but since he lived in our ward boundaries he had to get baptized in our ward) and so he got confirmed on Sunday. It was beautiful. We ate food at the Matu's family's house (baby Reid's house) and it was delicious and they gave me chocolate. Some of my old missionary companions called. The Assistants dropped off the birthday package from my family (Thank you so much! I loved the letters...they made me cry:) I love you all like crazy), the Zone Leaders came to pick up our president letters and dropped off a gift from Sister Medina and sang, andmy companion wrote a sweet note and gave me her watch (such a sweetheart), we also attended two ward it was quite an eventful day! 

I got to go, but love you all and hope you have a great week! Keep being you :)
Sister Reid

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