Monday, April 25, 2016

Kai ke Mate (Eat till you Die)

One year ago on the 27th I opened my mission call to serve in the Tonga Nukualofa Mission. I remember the joy I felt on that day. I couldn't stop smiling. The Spirit filled my whole soul. I often reflect on that was such a powerful day. The Spirit confirmed to my heart that God is sending me to do a special work in Tonga, even though I am so inadequate. I'm so grateful for the decision I made to go on a mission. One of the hardest things I have EVER done, but it's blessing my life now and I know it's going to bless my life throughout eternity. I love my mission.

This past week was Stake Conference. On Saturday, there was a Priesthood adult session at 3 and adult session at 6 and then on Sunday there was the two hour block of Stake Conference and then a fireside that night. And during the course of those three days, we had 3 BIG FEASTS! Seriously, I ate so much. And during each of the feasts, whoever wants to, can get up and share their gratitude, etc. So people just go on forever about how grateful they are for everyone there and Tongans definitely know how to talk...haha they're so great! Then at the end of their little speech, they ask for forgiveness for if they've ever done anything that isn't right to anyone else, and they apologize for if they forgot to say something in their speech, and apologize for if they've ever behaved in a way that wasn't respectful, etc. haha they're so wonderful and humble. I learn things from the Tongan people every single day. 

These past week couple weeks, we picked up quite a few new investigators! So I'll just give a quick summary of some of them:

Pulotu--married with a couple young kids. We met her at her neighbors house who attend the Church of Tonga. The couple at the house got up and left to the store but we taught the first lesson to her. We've taught her a couple of other times and she's so sweet. She asked us in one of our lessons, "you know people don't really like your church, right?" It was so cute. She then explained that a lot of people have shared there opinion with her but she's gonna just investigate to know for herself. We set a baptismal date with her, but she's scared that her husband (he lives in Tongatapu) might not approve.

Dion's not a Tongan name. But we randomly found her one day (it was kinda a miracle how everything had worked out for us to end up at her house) and she invited us in and told us she was going to Tongatapu to get baptized...she had been talking with her cousin who's Mormon and decided to change her life around. She used to be in a gang in Australia and drink and smoke but she's stopped all of this to join the church. The funny thing was that she hadn't ever met the missionaries before. So we started teaching her and it was amazing. Light bulbs were going off in her head the whole time. She was so excited to start reading the Book of Mormon. She went to Tongatapu and met with the missionaries there and got baptized this past week..but she's coming back, so we'll be doing the follow-up lessons with her.

Paea & Nio--they are a couple that are a part of the Wesylian church and Paea is a less active member of the Church but now she preaches in the Wesylian church. She's SO open minded. Like she believes everything from every church is's very interesting. And when we're talking she's listens very carefully and will say things like "Amen" "Hallelujah" and during my prayer she would kinda make sounds...there were a couple times when it was hard not to laugh, just cause I'm not used to it. But I think it's so amazing that she pays attention so much to everything! 

There is so much more to say but I'm about out of time! So I'll update you more next week!
Sister Reid <3

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