Monday, April 18, 2016

A Visit to Ha'atu'a

I love the work. There is honestly not a more rewarding feeling in the world. This past week we got to vilo hoa (go on splits) with the Sisters in Ha'atu'a (Sister Medina and Pohahau--in my old area!). It was a lot of fun being able to go back and visit with the people brought back a lot of memories.

This past week during language study, I was reading a random Ensign in Tongan and I read an article from Henry B Eyring about asking questions (directed towards Sunday School and Relief Society teachers in the church). He talked about the importance of asking questions. It's something I've been thinking about a lot--but here are a couple things he brought up. Good questions: they don't have an exact right answer (like what's the first principle of the gospel?'s not a bad question, but there are better ones) and it takes a minute for the class to think of an answer, but when they answer it's heartfelt. When he formulates his questions he thinks about the response he will get from his class--maybe one question would be good for one class, but not in another. Questions trigger discussions. And those discussions can inspire change. He also said he uses this when he needs to talk to his children about a serious issue or about an attitude problem. He thinks of questions that will open their hearts and allow them to talk, and then desire to change and be better.

So this week was transfers. Last transfer was only 4 weeks cause they changed something with the MTC dates...I'm not really sure. Buuut I'm staying here in Pangai with Sister Betteridge and I'm very happy about that!! Everyone else in 'Eua is staying too expect for the District Leader (Elder Erickson)--which is really sad for all of us! He's been my District Leader since I've got here so it's going to be a really weird change. But I just realized that because I'm staying here this transfer, half of my mission will be here in the island of 'Eua! I'm so grateful to be serving here!

A couple random things:
-Once a cockroach gets flipped onto its' back, it usually stays that way for a couple days, moving its' legs around, until it dies. I have learned this because of the many cockroaches we find when we come home from work..haha got to love it!
-I ate dove last week! It was pretty good.

Hope you all have a wonderful week!
Sister Reid

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