Monday, April 11, 2016

Conference, Conference, and CONFERENCE

This week was uplifting and I learned so much. We went to Tonga on Tuesday and did a temple session. It was so beautiful. I love sitting in the Celestial Room with all the other missionaries that will be in the Mission Leadership Conference and with President Tupou and his wife. It is so special. 

Wednesday, was Mission Leadership Conference (Conference #1). We role played lessons 1 and 2 as a group (each companionship would take one principle and role play, then we would evaluate, etc.). We were focused on teaching with the Spirit of Truth and evaluated our role plays on three elements from D&C 50:22 (which Henry B Eyring shared in his talk during General Conference) 1.) Understanding 2.) Edified 3.) Rejoice 

When we teach our investigators, these three things should be there and when we leave they will be rejoicing and will want us to come back. We had a Zone Conference (Conference #2) of the same thing on Friday (the APs came to 'Eua) and so that was awesome to practice again. 

We came back on Thursday because there was a cyclone warning, but luckily it just rained super hard for like 20 minutes and then it was canceled. But it was still super windy so President told all the missionaries to stay inside. Quinton L Cook talked about the Cyclone that happened in Fiji a few weeks back and as we (the missionaries) were listening to this talk this past weekend, we thought about what a blessing it was that it didn't hit very strong where we were (it was the same Cyclone that had caused the little earthquake here). Satan really does try to stop the Lord's work in all kinds of ways.

I was SO grateful for the wonderful opportunity we had to watch General Conference (Conference #3) this past weekend. We got to listen to it in English in another room, so that was kinda nice. I love our dear prophet, Thomas S Monson. Although he only got to speak a few minutes his message is powerful! How important it is for us to use our Agency wisely! I loved like all the talks in conference so it's hard to just choose a few to talk about. I really liked the talk by Steven E. Snow that our Genuine concern should be the success of others and the importance of humility. This life isn't about us and it's so important to rely on the Lord consistently and recognize that we are dependent on him. And Ronald A. Rasband's talk was so good. It's so important to continue gospel study through asking questions and remain cheerful and faithful, always.

Hope you all have a wonderful week and fill your life with those things that will help the Spirit be more fully in your day to day!

Ofa Lahi Atu!
Sister Reid

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  1. Hi there - I came across your blog since you are serving your mission in Tonga and wondered if you might be able to help. I am typing up my grandfather's mission journal from when he served in Tonga back in 1935 and there is a section where he writes in Tongan. I wondered if you might know who would be able to help me translate it. I honestly have no idea if the spelling is correct or if it will make any sense but any direction you can send me would be helpful.

    I have felt the love my grandfather had for the people down there while reading his journal. You are in a special place, sharing a marvelous message of Christ that will enrich the lives of the wonderful people in Tonga.