Tuesday, February 16, 2016

TRANSFERS aaaaand.....

Guess what?! I GOT TRANSFERED! I'm still in 'Eua but I got transferred to two villages over to Pangai. My new companion is Sister Langi and she is so sweet (Sister Vaa'i stayed in Ha'atu'a and my MTC companion, Sister Medina is now her companion!) Sister Langi is from Tonga and she finishes her mission at the end of this transfer..so there'll be another change of some sort next transfer. She speaks pretty good English but we're trying to just speak in Tongan..it's hard but I'm SO grateful, it's helped me a lot already! She's a really hard worker and so kind! The Tongan sisters are very particular about the uniform and it's so great because she irons my uniform every morning and braids my hair perfectly and she's taught me how to hang up the clothes on the clothes line properly. It's soo great! I learn so much from her everyday.

Our area is MUCH bigger than my last area and doesn't have very many members..most of the people here are hard core Catholic. It's been good because we actually have some solid baptisms coming up and investigators! The Bishop yesterday in church announced that the Stake President said everyone needs to watch out for the new sister missionary in the ward from muli (outside of Tonga) and keep her safe (me). Tonga is a really safe place in general but compared to Ha'atu'a (safest place in the world haha), Pangai is a little sketch. They're all very concerned for the sister missionaries here, especially for the Palangi sisters and it's so good to know that there are people who are looking out for me. There is also a piano here in the church which is cool. We showed up to church early so I could play some prelude which was fun!

I'm grateful for this opportunity. It's seriously the hardest thing I've EVER done. But I love it so much. Love this work!

Love you all so much <3 HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!!

-Sister Reid

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