Monday, February 8, 2016

Koji, a Buddhist Monk

This week we went to Tonga for Mission Leadership Conference and it was so amazing! We all had to role play a different lesson using questions...and it was straight death haha but I learned so much!! I'm so grateful for my mission president and for him pushing us to be our best, I know he loves us! Also...we got to stay in a little house with Air Conditioning in Tonga and it was AMAZING!

Yesterday, a Buddhist Monk from Japan came to our ward and he only knows Japanese and a decent amount of English (wishing I was Emily Kenney and could speak to him in Japanese;), so during second hour we talked to him and he couldn't understand everything we were saying but he asked about the pictures of the prophet and apostles on the wall and he was so surprised that they are still alive! There was a stake fireside last night so we invited him to it and he was so excited! So he came even though it was in Tongan. They had me and another Elder speak (without much that was a little scary...but thankfully the Spirit helps!) and I was able to end my testimony in English for him. Afterwards, a member from the Stake Presidency got up and told us that Koji (the Japanese man) is the most important man in the room and told a RM from the states to go sit by him so he could understand what's going on. He leaves tomorrow but we're going to give him a Japanese Book of Mormon and he said he'll look up the church website!

Today is transfers. We'll find out tonight what will happen. Sister Vaa'i finishes next transfer so we'll probably just stay but who knows! Let you know next week :)

Ofa Atu!
Sister Reid

Question: Who is God? How would you describe God to someone who doesn't believe in God, and to someone who does but not in the way we do? (He has a body, His plan for us, the Godhead are 3 separate beings, etc.) Find scriptures, questions you could ask them, and write down how you could explain it clearly to someone!

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