Monday, January 23, 2017


I just need to apologize again for sending such a short email last week. I didn't manage my time very well, but I'm going to try to make it up this week!! This was such a SPECIAL week!! God truly does work in mysterious ways...and it was truly a MIRACLE this week!! 

We met this girl a few weeks ago in 'Otea (the island we cover) and right before we were to leave back on the boat she asked us if she could ask us a couple questions. She then asked us the 3 three questions that is answered in the Plan of Salvation "Where did we come from?" "Why are we here?" and "Where are we going?" We had to get on the boat but I pulled out the lesson 2 pamphlet and promised her that it would answer her questions and invited her to pray about it. We wrote our number on the back but she didn't have a phone and lived in the Elder's area. A week and a half ago one of our members told us she had someone she was related to for us to teach, when we went over we were surprised when the girl sitting there was the same girl we spoke with in 'Otea. We began the lesson and she shared with us that she had read the pamphlet we gave her and that it changed her life. That she has felt like a better person ever since reading it. She shared with us that ever since she saw us that day in 'Otea that she saw how happy we were and how we really cared about what we were doing and she wanted to be a missionary like us some day. THIS GIRL WAS TRULY PREPARED. She had gone to church with her Aunt before and has some family who are members. We committed her to baptism. We taught her all the lessons last week and each day she had kept all the commitments and read the Book of Mormon. It was truly a MIRACLE!! And she was baptized on Saturday!! A couple days before her baptism, Satan was working hard on her. A lot of people made fun of her. We taught her the Word of Wisdom and the next day she shared with us that that morning her uncle tried to get her to drink coffee and made fun of her that she wouldn't but she shared with us that she knew it was an important commandment from the Lord. It was also her birthday last week she turned 16. What a truly blessed week!! I'm SOOO happy for her. Everyone was so impressed when she shared her testimony after the baptism. She cried and said she felt so warm inside. THE FIELD IS WHITE ALREADY TO HARVEST, not in our timing but in the Lord's timing!! THIS IS HIS WORK. I'm SO beyond filled with gratitude and love. She just started school at Saineha (the church's school here in Vava'u) and I'm praying that she will be a light to her parents so that they will want to listen to sometime!

We had Zone Conference this week and President came and it was wonderful. I got to have an interview with him. I'm so thankful for his advice and help! We got to teach the Area Book and I think it went pretty well. 

We have a musical fireside for our two wards this week and our district is going to sing so it should be good!

The finishing date got moved up to the 2nd of February and I'll leave to Tonga probably on tuesday next week so I have about a week left of work and ready to give it my all...DON'T COUNT THE DAYS, MAKE THE DAYS COUNT.

OFA LAHI ATU! God is a God of Miracles!
Sister Reid

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