Monday, January 9, 2017

Jesus Christ--the source of pure HOPE

Just a little bit about my area: we cover two wards as well as an island that we go to once a week! The area is the main city in Vava'u so there are quite a few people...the area is large and has lots of hills so it's a good work out everyday! We have a couple investigators we're working with. One of which is a 13 year old boy named Pita. His brother is a member but his dad is the pastor in the Church of Tonga. He has the sweetest heart ever and we've had some wonderful lessons this past week. He really wants to be baptized but we're working toward the dad. Inoke, also wants to be baptized but he's struggling with drinking/smoking and so we're working a lot with him!

I got to fly to Tonga for a day this past week for the MLC which was weird going back for a day and flying by myself haha but wonderful! I learned so many new wonderful things!
A couple things the Spirit taught me: 
-NEVER FORGET why we are here! (whose name do we wear?)
-Be True to what we Know (who are we when no one's looking? <--true testament of character)
-Give our whole heart and will to God!
-Jesus Christ is the source of pure HOPE
-Repent daily and change!
I love this Gospel and I love the missionaries in this mission! I love the work and I am grateful for this life that God has blessed us with! We were created to have JOY! Remember, God loves you. He knows you. He hears and answers prayers. Be patient in affliction, because our trials refine us! Have courage. Be Strong.

Love you all with all my heart! 
Sister Reid

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