Monday, December 19, 2016

Happy Holidays

I just love our investigators right now. They're so wonderful and I feel so happy every time we get to go and talk with them! I'll tell you a little about each of them:

Alisi--she's 89 years old (I told you about her last week) but we're planning on her baptism for this week! There are a few complications with her daughter not wanting her to be baptized...but we're getting that figured out. A lot of her other children are members and... she is so wonderful!!

Ma'u--I wrote about her a few weeks ago (we taught her on her birthday)..we're still teaching her but she was sick this past week so we just visited her. She's so so cute!! She wants to come to church so bad but they've been busy with the Christmas program in their church so her mom said they can't come. But I'm excited to keep teaching them this week!

Taleta--her husband passed away last year and her son is a member but less-active...she has responsibilities in her church she doesn't want to leave but she really wants to listen to learn more. When we taught her about the temple she had a lot of questions and we set up a time for her to go with a few of the members to the temple this week and sit in the waiting room. I'm excited for that!

Brittney--she's 15 years old her mom is less-active but doesn't want to come back to church but they've been being taught for quite a while now...and she's super shy to go to activities and stuff but she finally came to church yesterday!! I was SO happy!

We have some less-actives we're working with, a lot of them who are trying to stop smoking. 

There are several others we're working with but those are just a couple highlights...I love this work so much! Even though it's not easy...mentally one of the hardest things I've ever done...I'm so so blessed to be able to help in the Lord's work. I love my Savior and have felt more of His love as I've reflected on His life a little more this past week. 

We're having a mission Christmas party this week and each zone is doing some singing. I'm excited for that. I'm looking forward to a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

Best wishes to you're in my thoughts and prayers...the Savior loves you and because of His sacrifice we can overcome our weaknesses and you all...keep lighting the world...
--Sister Reid

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