Monday, October 24, 2016

And a Little Child Shall Lead Them

I went on splits with Sister Paletu'a (she's like one of the sister assistants to the president) this past week and it was so wonderful. Towards the end of the vilo hoa we were walking down the street and these two little girls (about 9 years old) came up to us and started talking to us. I assumed they were Mormon because of how friendly they were but turned out they were Siasi Pahai (idk what that is in English). We gave them a little picture of Jesus and asked them where they lived, they got really excited and asked us to walk with them to their house and talk to their family about Jesus. We walked up to their house and the family was sitting on the porch. We told them what happened, that we had met their daughters out on the road. I could tell that they were a little surprised but friendly because their daughters seemed to love us so much. I shared with them the importance of our message and a little part of the plan of salvation. They were very gracious but told us they were drinking beer and about to go to town so we should come back another time. As we left one of the boys living at the house told us that he was baptized but his parents separated so he came to live at this house but he really wants to come back and has been helping his friend to stop smoking. The little girls didn't want us to go and they started crying but we told them to pray and they told us they would. We went back the next day but they had just left. I just learned how in tune children are. I feel like if we have any access to the hearts of that family it will be because of the children there. No wonder why we should humble ourselves to be like a little child. 

The work is going well, our investigators are progressing. President told us this past week that ours and the Elder's area will be switching at the transfer (cause we live in their area and they live in ours..the MQ in our area isn't safe for sisters) it's been hard knowing that I won't be in this area next transfer but everyday I still work just as hard and love the people even though I know it's gonna break my heart..but it's all the Lord's work! And I'm happy to do it.

Hope you all have a wonderful week full of miracles! Look for the tender mercies from the Lord.
Ofa Lahi Atu!
Sister Reid

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