Monday, July 11, 2016

Palesiteni Fo'ou ki ai

This week has been filled with many wonderful experiences, many of which is because we got a new mission president this week! President and Sister Tuione are WONDERFUL! They are so very kind, spiritual, and some of the most HUMBLE people I have ever met in my life. They are younger than my dad...and they have 5 children (the oldest of which is on a mission and the rest live at the mission home)

On Tuesday, we got a text from the APs while we were setting up a family missionary plan with one of the members in the ward, that said, "Don't forget you're going to vilo with Sister Tuione at 6pm" was 5:30pm...yeah thanks for the reminder text since we didn't even know about it in the first place haha! But it all worked out, we cancelled our fafanga and picked her up, The first lesson we went to wasn't lava so we went to our back-up plan...they weren't home. This was Sister Tuione's first time ever going out with the missionaries in her life, so she got a good feel for what it is like haha. We went to one more house and the guy was busy. But thankfully, the other people at the house were available for us to talk to (a couple--a less active/nonmember). The lady shared her story and we talked for about 3 minutes. I asked the mamalohi if he still reads the Book of Mormon...and then the member that was there went on for about 20 minutes about the history of the Book of Mormon through the Bible...and the investigator was almost asleep. My companion looked at me like "what do we do?!" After he finished we shared a scriptures (Ether 12:27) from the Book of Mormon that has helped us in our life. The lady (invest) shared her testimony about that scripture and agreed to keep reading the Book of Mormon. We all shared our testimony and Sister Tuione got to testify her first time as a missionary. It was honestly one of the weirdest lessons but it turned out well! Sister Tuione said she had a really good time and was proud of us...pheww haha glad she had nothing to compare it too.

We dropped her off and she asked us if we could come in and meet president. Even before I stepped in their house I felt the strong spirit inside. We met President and their kids. right before we were about to leave he said, "is that okay if you two join us for family prayer?" so we knelt down and he say the prayer. No pressure. haha. But it was a wonderful experience to be able to bless their family.

Wednesday, we had Mission Leadership Conference. He shared his vision for the mission and focused on obedience and the Missionary Handbook. It was inspiring. We are now allowed to play SPORTS (I'm going to try to play volleyball :)) and have Zone Pdays. 

So much more happened this week....but I guess the next biggest thing is that my companion is transferring! I'm going to follow-up train Sister Malu (Tongan from Australia) and I'm super excited. We went vilo hoa with them a couple weeks ago and she's hilarious! I also will be the one wish me luck on learning how to drive on the left side...especially since I haven't driven a car for 10 months!

Love you all so much!! Have a great week.
Sister Reid

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