Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Nini and Mani got BAPTIZED!

This week was very different from any week I've had on the mission so far....because we stayed at home like the whole week. My companion's sickness got worse and she couldn't eat or drink anything without throwing up and had like no energy and the pills the mission doctor gave wouldn't really stay down...sooo I cleaned the house super good on Tuesday and did some extras studies and got to know/talk to my companion....and on Wednesday.....and on Thursday (thankfully, the Zone Leaders we're sooo kind and got to take some of our appointments!) but then on Friday she started feeling better (finally was able to eat some food) and we got to go to Nini and Mani's interview and then we worked and went to the baptism on Saturday... I started getting a cold which wasn't bad but I lost my voice on Sunday. It was hilarious. I sounded like a man and it was really hard to speak. But my companion told me "her prayers were answered" cause it shut me up hahahaha yeah sometimes I talk too much...haha ahh I love her. We just got done playing volleyball for pday..and it was sooo fun! I miss it. But I'm pretty weak...and it'll motivate me to get in better shape haha

Sooooo like I said..Nini and Mani (Bishop's sisters) got BAPTIZED! It was so amazing. They are so funny and love to joke around. I love them so much. They're 16 and 18 years old and they're looking forward to the day when they'll be "Sister Vaioleti". We're going to set up a time for us to go and watch them do baptisms for the dead next week! After their baptism, they were just glowing! On Sunday, after their confirmation, I asked them how they felt. Taimani described it as her whole body felt like it was burning. It's so crazy how in just a few weeks someone can change the direction of their life. I am so grateful for Bishop and we're going to start working with their older sister next! (We baptized their brother last month).

This past week, since I had a little extra time I began to read the New Testament straight through. I read a chapter in Tongan and then skimmed through it in English...it was really cool cause different things stood out to me in each language. My love for the Savior has grown immensely this past week. He is an amazing teacher and I've loved studying about his life. Matthew chp 6&7 have to be two of my favorite chapters because it seems like no matter what principle you're talking about in the Gospel, you could find a scripture to relate to it. No wonder why it's in the Book of Mormon too. 
I also love Matt 11:28-30. I think sometimes we try to bear our burdens on our own...but the truth is we don't need to. Christ invites us to come unto Him. Pray for strength. And through the enabling power of the Atonement, we'll be given strength to endure. He will give us peace (John 14:27) in the midst of affliction. God doesn't always take away our trials--because that's what refines us. In fact, that's the reason we're here on this Earth, to learn and grow! But He has provided a way for us to endure these trials--through Christ, if we let him!

I hope you all have a fantastic week. Remember our Heavenly Father loves you. You are His child. He has a plan for you. Trust Him. And He will lead you along.

Ofa Lahi Atu,
Sister Reid

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