Monday, June 6, 2016

Goodbye 'Eua

SOOO much happened this past week! But first off, I GOT TRANSFERRED FROM 'EUA! I got a call from the assistants to the President on Monday Night about 8:30pm -- we were just finishing up a teaching with Mateaki and Palomesi at a FHE --and I knew immediately what it was for...I was getting transferred. He said the office just bought my ticket and I would be transferring to Tongatapu (Veitongo/Ha'ateiho) and we would be switching companionships with another pair of Sister Training Leaders -- Sisters Wunderlich (my new companion) and Viamahi. I would be leaving the next day and I needed to do whatever I need to do to be able to be at the airport at 9am the next morning. 
After I hung up the phone, Sister Betteridge and I looked at each other and cried. I think the hardest part was the short notice but I knew it would be okay. We went home and I packed...the struggle was so real! The next morning we went and I said goodbye to Malia and Kepueli (the two recent converts), the bishop, and another family in the ward. Hiko (the old man at the house we live at), sat us down and gave about a ten minute speech...crying...apologizing for if he'd done anything bad, sharing his love--just in the good old Tongan way--and then I gave my attempt in doing the same back. 
We got to the airport, paid for the overweight luggage (although I had left like half my stuff) and I got on the plane with my over-stuffed carry on and pillow/blanket. Luckily, they saw the struggle was real and probably because I'm a missionary, gave me front row and two seats (that's what you get for being a frequent flier). The plane started and I couldn't hold back the tears--I looked out the window and felt like my heart was literally breaking. 'Eua had been my mission. There were people there I knew I may never see again. I let the tears go for about 5 minutes and then looked up for the things that blow out air to dry my eyes out. I felt the sweetest feelings of peace and confirmation that this was God's will and I knew it'd be okay. 
And guess what? It is okay! My new companion is great. She's from Layton, Utah...she has been out here 3 more transfers than me. Our new area is very large. I feel like I'm in Muli (across seas) because they have real stores, a bakery, etc. We have a BRAND NEW car (just came on Monday) and I'll probably get my license in a couple weeks. Aka I need to be dedicated even more to diligent exercise. We live at the house of President Tukuafu (2nd quorum of the 70) and they have this BEAUTIFUL dock out back on the ocean/inlet, there are many wonderful people, and we're over 3 wards so we're super busy! But it's awesome! We have a bit of a mice problem and have already caught two. haha it's the worst but I don't feel as scared of them anymore.
There is SO much more I could write about (lot's of teachings and people that are preparing for baptism) but not much more time. I'm so grateful for the gospel. And grateful for these people. I am so blessed to be in Tonga and to be serving a mission! It's the last MLC for our mission president so that'll be sad..but excited to go tomorrow! 
Hope you all have a fantastic week! Know that God is aware of you and he has a plan! Ofa Lahi Atu!

Sister Reid

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