Monday, June 20, 2016

Net was down last week...sorry

First off, just want to apologize for not sending an email last week, the net was down in both of the churches we work in. A lot has happened these past couple weeks so although I wish I could explain everything, it's just not here are just some highlights!

1- We had a baptism last Saturday! One of the wards we're over was just created last month (one of the wards split) and the Bishop of the new ward brought his brother to be taught--and he just got baptized! Our Bishop was baptized several years ago, went on a mission, married one of the Tukuafu's daughters, and is on fire with missionary work. It's so awesome. 

2- Last Monday we got permission to go to kolo (town--Nuku'alofa) to buy fabric for a couple new kofus (dresses). It is so different from the rest of Tonga--lots of people and lots of cars. We got pizza which was delicious and got to look around the "market". It was a lot of fun to finally see town but I think I'm more about the simple, quiet life. 

3- There was a stake musical fireside this past week here (that President and Sister Tupou came to and spake at) and let's just say this stake can SING! They sing with such power. It gave me the chills.

4- Last Sunday, Sister Wunderlich and I got to sing in one of the wards -- we sang "Abide with Me" in Tongan. Yesterday, in another one of our wards they randomly asked us to sing right before the meeting started so we sang the same song. We were a little nervous but it turned out good (Sister Wunderlich has a gorgeous voice) we also made Bishop cry so we took that as a good sign. And it just happened to be that in that ward the temple president was visiting..

5- We just finished reading the Book of Mormon again as a mission. I love it. It truly is the word of God.

6- Got my Tongan Driver's License this morning! I handed them my Utah one, gave them 60 pa'anga, they took a picture of me, and handed me my license. I'm not driving yet (Sister Wunderlich is the designated driver) but when I do I'll have to learn driving on the left side.

7- Missionary Leadership Conference was last week and it was INCREDIBLE. I wish I had time to share all of the things I've learned. We talked about what it means to both "Do" the things that Christ did as well as "Be" by having a willing heart and developing His attributes. Many people create a TO DO list but we should create a TO BE list. We all discussed what "tell how vs. show how" means. This was President and Sister Tupou's last MLC and at the end when they went around shaking hands we sang "God Be With You till we Meet Again". They are wonderful and I'm definitely going to miss them but I'm excited to have a new president. He comes the end of this month. But President and Sister Tupou will be staying in Tonga until August because the church here will be celebrating 100 years of Misiona Tonga!

8- We had Zone Meeting this past week (my first one since I've been on the mission--'Eua is only a district) and we got to teach like half of it. All of the sisters in our zone were sick so we were the only sisters there. It was a very uplifting meeting and went pretty well for having to translate the MLC meeting (which was mostly all in English) to Tongan for all of the Tongans in our zone meeting.

I love my mission and I love the Lord. I love the opportunity I have to serve my Heavenly Father and pray with all my heart that I can do what he would have me do, say what he would have me say, and be what he would have me be. I know that when we give him our hearts he can make more out of us than we could ever make of ourselves.

Love you all and hope you have a fantastic week!
Sister Reid

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