Monday, March 28, 2016

Happy Easter

Soooo my new companion is Sister Betteridge (Petalisi-in Tongan) and she got here on Tuesday and she is so wonderful! We get along SO well! She is such a hard worker, chill, funny, and a really good missionary. I've already learned so much from her and I know I'll continue to learn a lot from her example! She is from Washington state but studied at BYU last year. It's been fun being with a palangi, a lot different, but people are so nice and we've had so much food at our house the past week and each so much at fafanga (when the members feed us)'s crazy! But seriously, I think we've gained a lot of respect from the members because we're not picky and we try to eat a lot. haha. But we're diligent in exercise so it doesn't risk our health too badly.

The work is coming's been really hard to find new investigators because the preachers in the churches tell their congregation that they're not allowed to listen to us. So we're finding ways around that..and really starting to work with the members. But yesterday in ward council, all the leaders in the ward set a date for us to come to their house this week and they'll have someone for us to if that goes the way we hope it does there will be a lot of progress! 

Easter here is different..they don't do like Easter eggs, or things like that. They get off work and school on Saturday and Monday and pretty much everyone goes to church and have huge church celebrations in "remembering the cross"...

General Conference will be the week after for us...and I'm SO excited!

I finished the Book of Mormon in Tongan this week...and guess what? It ends the same in Tongan as in English...haha it has been such an awesome experience being able to read it in Tongan..the Gift of Tongues is real. Learning a language is the most humbling thing ever and SO hard and takes a ton of dedication but it's amazing seeing how it took me sooo long in the MTC to even read a verse and understand it and now I understand almost everything I read..still have a long way to go but I know that God helps his missionaries.

Hope you have a good week! 
Sister Reid

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