Monday, March 14, 2016


MALIA AND KEPUELI GOT BAPTIZED THIS WEEK! It was seriously so beautiful. Since it was part of ward conference, the Stake Presidency was there and a lot of other people to support. It was a little stressful because it was supposed to start at 6 but Kepueli hadn't come back from "the bush" yet but when they arrived we welcomed them with open arms and smiles! When the meeting started their eyes were filled with tears and the Spirit was so strong. I seriously felt so much love for them. They were confirmed yesterday in church (ward conference) and they seriously glowed!! Their parents listened to the missionaries a year or so ago but haven't really been interested since. Their sister married someone who is less active and he smokes and stuff and that bugs the mom so we're going to start working with the sister's husband (he came to church yesterday for the first time in a long time) and then hopefully we can start teaching the whole family!! 

Tiola. Things have been a little confusing with her (she was maybe going to move to Tonga to go to school, etc) and she was supposed to go on Saturday to visit Tonga so we put off her baptism to figure some things I'll keep you updated with that!

Sister Langi finishes this week and I have no idea what will happen with transfers. I'm a little nervous, but I know I don't need to be because God knows what he's doing! I'm so grateful for everything I've learned from Sister Langi...she pushes me to be a little better everyday..sometimes it's a little painful but I'm SO grateful!! 

I love this work. Last night, we were walking down the street and a boy stopped us and asked if he could ask a question. He said he was baptized a while ago but stopped going to church and has done a lot of bad things and he wants to know if it's possible for him to come back. We explained to him the process and then my companion shared with him the scripture in Isaiah "though your sins are as scarlet they can be white as snow" His eyes filled with tears. The Savior is so merciful. The atonement is so wonderful. The Lord has provided a way back.

Sister Reid

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