Saturday, September 19, 2015

Hurrah for Israel

This week was wonderful! I love being at the MTC. I was sick for a few days but it wasn't too bad. I had a little fever but I went to class anyway (even though I dosed off a couple times) and took a nap during gym time and after that I felt fine! And I've been mostly better ever since...except it made me lose my voice so I have sounded like a man this week. 

FUNNY STORY: Sister Medina (my companion) was putting tabs into her Bible and when she was almost to the end she said, "there are so many WEIRD named books in the Bible! Like, Charts. Who has ever heard of Charts?!" I looked at her for a second wondering what that book was and then I realized that there was a tab for the Charts in the back of the scriptures. I almost died. I couldn't stop laughing. 

This past week for choir we sang "Hurrah for Israel" - a song written by prisoners for Elder Groberg (the Elder from the movie the 'Other Side of Heaven') when he went to visit them. It made me super pumped for Tonga!

Our Online Coordinator calling is going really well! President Willes checked the reports and said it has improved a lot! I think there was a lot of misunderstanding before with the missionaries. At the MTC, no one tells you what to do (internet, dress, study, going to bed on time, etc) as much as I thought they would. You really are on your own for obeying.

The Sisters going to Fiji are leaving on Monday and although I am excited for them, I am super sad! They're like my best friends. Two of them are from Tonga and have helped me with the language so much. Tuesday night at zone prayer the four sisters going to Fiji sang for us in Fijian and it was beautiful! We were all in tears (I promise I don't cry that much...really...but at times these Polynesians bring tears to my eyes...haha) I am so grateful for their wonderful examples! They are so funny and so sweet!!

The language is coming along...slowly but surely...Sister Medina and I pray in Tongan at every meal together and we've made a goal to bare our testimonies in Tongan to six times to different people each day. This has helped a lot. So far, we've memorized (in Tongan) our name tag, the Missionary Purpose, and the Baptismal Invitation! Now, we're working on the First Vision. I pray for the Gift of Tongues and for the ability to understand the language all the time and I know eventually I will be able to speak it...I appreciate your prayers for me so much!! So thanks. Elder Bednar promised missionaries when he came to the MTC last year...something along the lines of...that we will speak our mission language and receive the Gift of Tongues if we pray for it, work hard, and ask all of our family and friends to pray for us to :)

One of the highlights of my week is going to the temple! Each time I go I feel so much gratitude for the ordinances that are performed there and the covenants that are made. This week Sister Medina and I did Sealings. My heart was filled with gratitude for the knowledge that I can be with my family forever. We must always be faithful and do what we know to be right! I am grateful for the ordinance of the sacrament that we get to partake of each week! It is the only ordinance we get to continue doing for ourselves! It is such a beautiful ordinance. I am so grateful for my Savior, Jesus Christ, and for the opportunity I have to be a representative of Him!

Oku ou ilo oku mo'oni 'ae ongoongolelei 'o Sisu Kalaisi. Oku ou ilo oku ofa 'ae Otua kiate kitautolu. 
I know that the gospel of Jesus Christ is true. I know that God loves all of us.

Thanks for all the love!

'Ofa Atu!

-Sister Reid
 p.s. I never have time to read through my if they don't make sense...sorry haha

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