Monday, January 4, 2016


Guess who rang in the new year first?! Tonga ('Eua) babyyyyy!! :) Sister Vaa'i and I were sleeping and next thing we new we were getting shot! haha jk it was just fireworks going off in front of our house but it scared us so bad! But I'm excited for this new year--I have a feeling it's going to be best year of my life yet. 

Sorry I didn't email last week, the hard drive at the church was a bit broken. But it's fixed :) Christmas was great, pretty chill. We got to eat food on the beach so that was fun!

Sooo Sister Vaa'i and I got called to be Sister Training Leaders and so we get to fly to Tonga (yes, on that tiny airplane) on Tuesday for Mission Leadership Conference! We were a little nervous it wouldn't work out cause there had been a cyclone warning the past couple days..but it just look super cloudy and rain and the cyclone never happened..thankfully! While in Tonga, we're going to be able to vilo with two palangi sisters! One of them who entered with me so I'm super excited! Also, we get to go to the temple!!!! I'm seriously so excited :) So we'll leave tomorrow morning and come back on Thursday!

Sorry this is so short, I didn't have much time this week...but hope you're all doing well! I love this work and know God is in charge! Also, help the missionaries in your areas...the work is a struggle without the members! 

Sister Reid

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