Monday, December 7, 2015

So Blessed.

The Lord has REALLY been blessing us! We had two baptisms (Kulisi & Sepesi) and it was such a sweet experience! They bore their testimonies and it was the cutest. We have a potential baptism with Sione...he relapsed with his smoking but he got rid of all of his Tongan tobacco so we're helping and praying for him. 

I got 4 new dresses this week! A lady from our ward went to Tonga so I gave her money for fabric and she sewed them for me :) Thanks goodness because I was down to 2 (we're not allowed to wear black anymore and my other one got lost). So that was so great! 

The weather is so perfect here right now. It's pretty breezy and warm. So blessed to be in Eua! We've been eating a lot of pineapples and drinking Otai...Tongan punch with fruit shredded in yummy! I love the simple life on this island. I hear it's a lot different from Tongatapu (the main island) and I really do love it here!

I am so grateful for this opportunity to serve my Father in Heaven and be a representative His son, Jesus Christ. I am so humbled. So inadequate. But I know that I have been called of God and he qualifies those he calls. There's a song called "Grace" by Laura Story that summarizes my feelings. How grateful I am for God's grace (Ether 12:27)!

Ofa Atu
Sister Reid

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