Monday, November 16, 2015

Grateful To Be Here

We found out that we have less time to email my emails are going to be shorter. 

This past week a Sister in our district finished so we've been in a trio with her companion (Sister Latu). It's been cool because she doesn't really speak English so it's been fun doing language study with her. But  it's been a little difficult being in a trio...she was kinda sick and loves taking it was a struggle.

Also, I had my first dream that had some Tongan in it! It wasn't very much but a step in the right direction...haha

Aaaaand I got some mites in my hands and feet (SO GROSS)...they're like little bumps under my skin that get itchy at night, there aren't that many (thank goodness) but we went to the hospital and got some cream...and the mission doctor said it should be gone by next nothing to worry too much about :) The hospital was pretty sketch though, like definitely not sanitary, so I am grateful I only had to go there for cream!

I am going to try and send some pictures (it takes forever to upload) so sorry this is so short! But I love this work, it is wonderful. God lives. Christ is our Savior. And the Holy Ghost can be our constant companion. 

Ofa Lahi Atu!
xoxo Sister Reid

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