Monday, October 26, 2015

Truck Tire Popped

So here's the thing...I have less than a half hour to email because the tire popped on the truck we were riding in on the way back from the hike and it took forever to I probably won't have time to reply to any one but I will read everyone's emails :) Sorry!

It's getting to be summer here in Tonga but luckily Eua is the coolest of all the islands so I lucked out there even though it's pretty hot!

This week was great! I love 'Eua and the people even though it's like straight camping haha. We had Zone Conference this week and the Assistants to the President rode the boat out here. It was good! We learned a lot, role played, and ate food.

Everything is going good. Not being able to say what I desire to say is SO hard though...especially in lessons. I desire so bad to speak and say the thoughts that come to my heart but they're all in English...and it's hard cause I can't really understand what the investigator is saying..but for some reason I can read Tongan and understand pretty well haha. But I know it'll come and I know that my smile and simple testimony count for something now.. :)

Yesterday, the two wards we are over had their primary programs and they were adorable!! The kids have such sweet spirits about them and many of them cried...they have been practicing every night for the past couple weeks! One of the wards had all of the kids dress up like missionaries and it was absolutely adorable!

OFA LAHI ATU!!!! You're in my prayers always.

Sister Reid

ps Apparently an ant bit my face two nights ago because I woke up and it was a little puffy haha..embarrassing..but it's gone now thankfully!

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